From time to time you may need to download a copy of all of your account activity over the past year—known as your annual statement. You sometimes need to provide a copy of your account statement when completing a mortgage or loan application, completing a tax return, or for other legal and financial matters.

How can I get my statements?

To download a full statement for the past year, you will need to log in to online banking on a laptop or desktop computer. The mobile app does not yet support this feature, unfortunately.

The good news is that you don't have to register twice. You can use the same log in details for both. If you just need to view your most recent transactions and check your account balances, you can do this on either app.

1. Where to find your statements.

Follow these instructions to log in to online banking on a laptop or desktop computer using the 'Web App'.

Once you are logged in, select Services from the top drop-down menu, and then click 'E-Statement Download'

2. Viewing your E-Statements

On the E-Statements page, you can see a list of statements for your accounts, going back as far as September 2017.

We provide 'Annual Statements' (which cover a full 12 month period) for savings and loan accounts and 'Quarterly Statements', which cover 3 months, for current accounts and card loans.

3. Downloading and opening your Statement on your computer

Select the Statement for the time period you would like to download, and click the download () icon to download the file onto your computer. This should take no more than a second or two, depending on your internet speed.

The downloaded file is in a PDF format, which can be opened on any computer, using either built-in software or using another program installed on your computer. 

For help opening PDFs on your computer, follow these steps.