When you register for our digital apps and if you change it, it's important to choose a really strong password that is hard for someone else to guess or discover.

Once you have set your password, keep it secret, and don't share it with anyone, including Credit Union staff or family members. 

Where to keep your password

Ideally, you should memorise your password. But if you need to write it down, keep it in a place that only you have access to. Don't store it in the same place as your membership number, security question or any other details you use to log in. Make it so that if someone accidentally finds your password, they won't know what it is used for.

Choosing a password

  • When you register for our digital apps, you'll be required to choose a 'strong' password. A strong password is one which has a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. As well as trying to guess your password, criminals use software to try different combinations of letters and numbers, so the more complicated your password, the better.

  • Make your password for our digital apps different from any other passwords that you use. This means that if your social media accounts or any other websites that you use get hacked, your money will still be safe.

  • None of our staff can see or have access to your password, and do not need it in order to help you. We will never ask you to tell us your password, and if you do receive an email or SMS asking you for it, you should assume that it is fake.