Our SMS service makes it simple for you to check how much money you have in each of your Credit Union membership, savings or current accounts, as well as the amount you owe on your loan.

Getting your balance via SMS (text message)

If the mobile phone number on your account is up to date, you can send us a text, and receive an automatic reply with a summary of all your account balances. To do this:

  • Send a text to 80011 containing the keyword bal . Do not include any other words or numbers in your message.

  • You will receive an automatic message from us containing the balance of all of your accounts, including the money left to repay on any loans you have with us. Please allow up to five minutes for the SMS to arrive.

    What to do if you don't receive an SMS

Getting your balance via our new Mobile App

Our Mobile App makes it easy not just to check your balance, but also to see your latest transactions and keep track of your spending. The newest version of the app (July 2020) supports Touch ID, allowing you to log in in seconds. 

Best of all, it now takes five minutes or less to register.

How to register for online banking