Your Member Number is the main way we can identify you as a member of London Mutual Credit Union, and was given to you when you joined.

Bear in mind that your Membership Number is different from the account number on your membership account, and any savings or current accounts you have with us.

Knowing your member number will ensure we can help you quickly when you call or email us, and reduce the chances of delays or miscommunication.

To receive a reminder of your member number via SMS

If the mobile phone number on your account is up to date, you can text us and receive an instant reminder of your Member Number. To do this:

  • Send a text to 60060 containing the keyword memnum. Do not include any other words or numbers in your message.

  • You will receive an automatic message from us containing your member number. Please allow up to five minutes for the SMS to arrive.

    What to do if you don't receive an SMS