Occasionally, you may need to check which version of the Mobile App is installed on your phone. You can do this to check that you have the latest version installed. 

Our Support Team may also sometimes ask you for this information when helping you to fix any errors or bugs.

An easy way to check

If you just need to check whether you are on the most recent (July 2020) version of the app or an older one, it's easy to tell the difference just by looking at the welcome screens:

Old VersionNew Version (July 2020)

Find the version number from within the app.

Sometimes, you will need to tell us a detailed version number. You can find this in the menus on your App. Here is how to find it: 

New version of the app

Tap the icon to open the main menu

Select Tools, and then App Info 

The current version of your App will be displayed on screen.

Older versions of the app

On older versions of the App, the menu options are slightly different:

Tap Help & Information

Then tap About Mobile Banking 

The current version of the app that is installed on your device will then be displayed.