Each time you access our Web or Mobile Apps, you need to log in.

Have you registered?

You need to have previously registered in order to log in to either app. If you registered a long time ago or on a previous version of the app, that's fine—your login details will work here too.

If you haven't yet registered, follow those instructions first:
Registering for the first time

Can't remember?

If you can't remember whether you have registered previously, you should try to register for the first time. If you receive an error message, it is probably because you are already registered. If so, follow the steps to reset your login details.

How to log in

The log in process is almost identical for both the Web and Mobile Apps, and your same login details will work with both. 

For the Mobile App, at the end of the process, you will have the option of enabling Touch or Face ID if your device supports these features. 

1. Getting started

2 Login details

On the log-in screen, you will be asked to provide:

If you are using the Web App, that's it. You are now logged in. If you are on the Mobile App and your phone supports Touch ID or Face ID, there may be a further step, which you can read about below.

3. Your Security Question

  • If you entered your member number and password successfully, on the next screen you will be asked for the answer to your Security Question.
    • Your Security Question was chosen when you registered.
    • The answer to your security question is case-sensitive, so enter it exactly as you did when you registered.
      If you have forgotten the answer to your Security Question, you will need to reset it.

4. Enabling Touch or Face ID (Mobile App only)

If you are on the Mobile App and your phone supports these features, at the next step you will be asked whether you want to set up Touch or Face ID. 

These features allow you to log into the app using the fingerprint scanner or facial recognition on your phone. Logging in this way saves time, and is often more convenient than having to remember and re-enter your details each time you want to log in.

For more details about Touch & Face ID, and how to enable it on your device:

Using Touch ID and/or Facial Recognition to log into our Mobile App