What are my log in details?

If you have used our mobile app or online banking in the past, you can use your existing details to log in to the new versions of our apps. You don't need to register again.

Web App (online banking)

You can reach the login page of the new online banking app by clicking on the link at the top of creditunion.co.uk, or by going straight to online.creditunion.co.uk

Please note: The address of online banking has changed from lmcuonline.co.uk to online.creditunion.co.uk.

Mobile App

If you have enabled automatic updates, the latest version of the app will automatically download and install on your phone, soon after it is released. You can then use your current details to log in.

If you need to update the App manually, please follow the instructions below:

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

  • Open the settings icon on your home screen

  • Scroll down until you reach the LMCU menu item, and then tap it.

  • Tap Update

Android (Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, HTC and others)

  • Open the Play Store or other app store icon from your app menu

  • Search for the LMCU app

  • Click Update

  • The latest version of the app will begin downloading and install. Depending on internet speed, this may take a few minutes, and your network may charge you for data, depending on your plan.

Please note that these instructions may vary depending on the phone manufacturer and software versions.