Our Mobile and Web apps are designed to work together. You can carry out first-time registration on either app, and once you are registered, you can log in using the same details to log into both apps.

Eventually, we hope to be able to offer the same experience whichever one you choose to use. For the time being, though, there are some important differences between what you can do on the mobile and web apps:

Features of the Mobile App

  • Quickly login via Touch ID / Facial Recognition login (if your phone supports it)

  • Support for all Anrdoid or iOS device released in the past 3 years.

  • Can be used anywhere you have 4G or WiFi internet (check with your operator for any costs associated with this, especially if you are travelling abroad)

Features only available on the Web App (online banking)

The Web app is designed to be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer, and may not work properly on some mobiles. The Web App enables you to do some additional tasks that may be useful from time to time, but which you are likely to need less often:

  • View and manage your Salary Deduction with us, if your employer offers this service and you have one set up.
  • View and update your personal and contact details such as postal address, email and phone 

  • View and manage any direct debits you have set up on your account

  • Apply for a savings account or a current account.

  • Enter our monthly Members' Lottery.

For further information about the features and functionality available via our Digital Apps, visit:

What can I do with digital banking?