Our digital banking tools make it easier than ever to access your credit union accounts and manage your money, whether at home or on the go. 

There are two ways to access digital banking:

  • Mobile App
    An app which is downloaded and installed on your Apple or Android mobile phone (or a tablet, such as an iPad), making it easy and secure for everyday tasks.

  • Web App (Internet Banking)
    Can be accessed via the web browser on any internet-enabled device such as a laptop or desktop PC. It offers slightly more features than the Mobile App, but is designed for larger screens, so may not work on some mobile phones.

In recent years, online banking has gone from being a useful extra feature to now being the main way that many people bank with us. Because of that, we've focussed on making everyday tasks  as easy as possible:

Key features

  • Check the balances of all of your accounts with us, including Membership and Savings, as well as your current account with us, if you have one. You can also download copies of statements if you ever need them.

  • View the status of any loans or flexible credit you have with us, including a list of all your recent repayments, and the amount left to pay.

  • Transfer money between your credit union accounts. Easily move money from your current account into your savings, or dip into your savings to pay off a loan early.

  • Pay money from your credit union accounts to any UK bank account. You can use this to make a payment to someone else, or to move money from your credit union accounts into a bank account you have elsewhere.

  • Communicate with our Support Team using secure messages. This can be helpful when you need to ask us a question or request our help. We can usually help you more quickly than by email, as you are already logged in.

Web App only

We are working to be able to offer the same features across both the mobile and web apps. But for the time being, there are some features which are only available via the Web App:

  • If you have a Salary Deduction with us, you can view recent deductions and increase the amount. If you do not have a Loan Agreement with us, it is also possible to reduce or cancel the deduction altogether.

  • Update your personal and contact details including your home address, email, phone number and preferred name

  • View and manage any direct debits you have set up on your account. This might include your rent, utility bills, membership subscriptions or any charitable donations.

  • Apply for a savings account or a current account. All credit union members have a basic Membership Account when they join. however, if you would like to save for holidays or Christmas, or would like a current account with a debit card, you can apply for one here (a monthly fee applies to current accounts with a debit card)

  •  Enter our monthly Members' Lottery. You can purchase up to 10 tickets (at £1 each) for our monthly Members' Lottery, which has a top prize of over £2,000, and which supports the Credit Union's outreach work.