Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions which are owned by their members. We're all about helping our members to stay in financial shape by building up their savings, and to borrow at fair rates when they need to.

As a member of London Mutual Credit Union, you'll get:

  • A Membership Account to start building your savings
    Everyone who joins us receives this automatically. It is your 'main' account with us, and is separate from any current account you may later decide to open with us. You can pay into it via salary deduction (if your employer offers it) or direct debit, and manage your account either by visiting us in branch or via online banking.

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  • Access to loans and current accounts
    For most of us, borrowing is a part of ordinary life. We believe that when you do need to borrow, it should be on straightforward terms, and at a rate which is affordable. If you're fed up with the hidden costs and complexities of high street current accounts, we can help there too, with a range of accounts with ATM withdrawals, debit cards and direct debits.

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  • A share of our profits when the credit union does well
    If we make a profit, you will receive your share (called a ‘dividend’) on savings you have with us.

  • A say in how the business is run
    As a financial co-op, we are owned by our members. That means that as a member, it’s your business. As a member, you'll have the right to attend our Annual General Meeting where you can hear from our Directors, ask questions, and vote on key decisions which affect the business.