Unlike our current accounts, your membership account does not come with a debit card or the ability to withdraw cash from a cash machine. However, if you need to, there are several ways you can withdraw money saved within your membership account:

  • By visiting one of our branches. To do this, you'll need to bring proof of ID and your membership number.

  • Via online banking, you can make a transfer to another bank account. To do this, you'll need:
    • To have registered for online banking
      Instructions for registering for online banking
    • The sort code and account number of the account you're paying into. Please check this very carefully, as it is easy to get these wrong, and we can't be held responsible for money sent in error.
    • Your transaction password - you'll set this up when you register for online banking

  • You can also send a request via email to accounts@creditunion.co.uk. However, we may need to check additional ID with you before we can process the transaction, and because things happen manually, it can also take up to 10 days, so this method isn't recommended if it's urgent.

If you have a loan with us, it's important to ensure there's enough money left to cover your agreed repayments before you take money out. Otherwise, you may run into problems, which may affect your credit file and your ability to get a loan from us, or other lenders, in future.