Our salary deduction service is one of the main reasons people choose to bank with us. Credit unions all across the UK have been providing this service for decades, and it's a proven method of helping people to get into the savings habit.

The key advantages:

  • It's convenient, with no fiddly direct debits or standing orders, or one-off payments to arrange.

  • There's no risk of forgetting to repay your loan on time or of missing a payment - you can relax, knowing everything is taken care of.

  • It  makes budgeting straightforward,  as the loan repayment or savings are sorted on payday before anything else. That way, you know how much money you have to work with over the rest of the month.

  • It offers more security to us as a lender, which means we're more likely to be able to approve applications from borrowers with average credit, and to offer better rates to all our members.