If you already have a salary deduction which goes into your savings account, you can email us at accounts@creditunion.co.uk at any time and ask for this amount to be increased or decreased, or cancelled altogether. 

You may wish to do this if you receive a pay rise or a job promotion and would like to increase the amount you are saving, or if your circumstances change and you have less money available to save. We would always encourage you to increase the amount you are saving if possible, though.

Depending on how close to your payday you contact us, there may not be time to process your request in time for the current month. If this happens, your request will take effect the following month.

For loans

If your salary deduction is being used to repay a loan you have with us, then reducing your deduction won't always be possible. Your deduction amount needs to be high enough to cover all your agreed loan repayments.

Your monthly loan repayment is set out in the terms of the Loan Agreement, and cannot be changed until your loan is paid off or an alternative has been agreed with our Credit Control team.