One of the biggest reasons people choose to borrow or save with credit unions is because of our salary deduction service.

With salary deduction, it's possible to arrange for a regular savings amount or loan repayment to be taken off your salary automatically each month. 

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I'm a London-based employer and interested in offering salary deduction to my staff

The process is seamless, with the deduction taking place every payday at the same time as tax, national insurance student loan repayments, and before the money arrives into your main bank account.

The advantage of salary deduction is that it makes it really easy to get into the habit of saving, as there's no need to remember to do it, and no temptation to spend it first! 

If your employer offers it, salary deduction will also be the method we use to take loan repayments when you get a loan with us. 

The great thing about this is that it reduces the risk of late and missed payments, which makes things more convenient for you. It also enables us to offer better rates and terms than other lenders!