If you're looking to make a one-off loan repayment, using our secure online payment facility is a good option.

Go to secure card payment page

This page will allow you to pay money towards your loan repayments by entering the details of a debit card you hold with a bank or building society elsewhere. Most card types, including Visa and MasterCard, are accepted.

The page works in exactly the same way as any other online payment. On it, you'll be asked to provide:

  1. Membership number
    It's important you get this right, as we'll need this to know it's you!
  2. Payment amount
    This is the amount you wish to pay in pounds and pence (00.00) . No need for the £ sign though.
  3. The reason for the payment
    Let us know whether you want the money to go towards your loan repayment, into your savings account, or anywhere else.
  4. Billing address
    It's important this matches the billing address on your debit card, otherwise your payment may be declined.

After you click 'submit, you'll be taken to to our payment partner SagePay, to enter your card details and to complete the payment.

Payments should come out of your bank or building society account immediately, and be credited to your London Mutual Credit Union account within 2-3 working days.