The amount we can offer you will depend on your individual situation. We consider things such as as your income, employment and spending habits to decide whether or not the repayments are likely to be affordable to you. Sometimes, if we can’t offer you the full amount, we will be able to suggest a lower amount instead.

You are more likely to be accepted if you apply only for what you need, and if the monthly repayments are realistic for you, given your income. The government’s Money Advice Service has some useful information on how to work our how much this could be.

Please bear in mind that if you are not in employment, the maximum we will be able to offer you is likely to be lower. For those in work, the limit is higher, and for home owners, we may be able to offer as much as £25,000.

Once you're ready, head to our loan calculator to get started and to apply. The application process should take no more than 15 minutes – and to avoid delays, don’t forget to upload the requested information at the end.