Usually, you’ll need to have paid off at least 1/3 of your existing loan before we can give you an additional loan. If you have a CUOK! Loan with us, this needs to be paid off in full. 

If you are unsure about where you currently stand with repayments, you can check at any time by texting CANITOPUP to 60060. If we have an up-to-date mobile number on record for you, you'll receive a reply confirming whether or not it's possible for you to top up your loan. If not, we'll let you know the date when you may become eligible.

If you are able to apply, the amount we can offer you will depend on your individual situation. We consider things such as your income, employment and spending habits to decide whether or not the repayments are affordable to you. 

You are more likely to be accepted if you only apply for what you need, so you should choose a loan with repayments at a level that you can afford to repay.