1. Before you begin 

You'll need to be at a laptop or desktop computer for us to get you up and running with online banking. Currently registration via mobile is not supported.

One you're all set up, however, you'll be able to use your login details to log into our mobile apps, which are available for any Android or Apple phone.

To complete the registration process, you'll need

  • Your membership number
  • National insurance number
  • Your date of birth

2. Getting to the registration page

To access the online banking registration form:

3. Completing the registration form

On this form, you'll be asked to provide your:

  • Member number (provided on your welcome letter when you joined)
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Date of birth 
  • A 'memorable question' and answer. Make sure you choose something that is not easy for others to guess but you can easily remember. You will need your memorable question and answer every time you login to your Online Banking account. 

Tip: To enter your date of birth, start by choosing the correct year and month from the drop down menu. You'll then be able to easily pick the day you were born. 

Once you've filled in the above information, click 'Submit'. If the form has submitted correctly, you'll see a confirmation page:

4. What happens next

At this stage, it's over to us. We'll check the details you provided in the registration form to ensure they correspond with our membership records.

You can expect an email from us within 1 hour. This message will contain two passwords which you'll need when you log in for the first time:

  • Login password (temporary)
  • Transaction password (temporary)

You'll find both of these passwords in a password-protected file, along with instructions for opening that file.

Make a note of both of the above temporary passwords - you'll need them to log in for the first time.

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