If you are over 18 and a current member of London Mutual Credit Union, (or eligible to join), you can apply for a loan. If you are not a member already, you will be able to do this at the same time as you apply.

We use a range of criteria to consider whether or not to approve your loan. You can learn more about your chances of being accepted here.

There are a few specific criteria that you must meet before applying for a loan. Not meeting one of these criteria will mean that your loan application will be automatically turned down:

  • You must be over 18 on the day you apply

  • You must have a UK postal address, and the legal right to live in the UK

  • You must have a UK National Insurance (NI) number

  • You must be a current member of London Mutual Credit Union, or eligible to join us

  • You must have a regular income (such as a salary, income from self-employment, universal credit, or other types of benefits)